Voeed is the artist name for Chao Wang - an award-winning multidisciplinary practitioner working between Vancouver, Canada and Shenzhen, China.  Winner of 2019 John Ruskin Prize. Holding an MA in photography and honours BA in architecture, he works in multiple mediums, including photography, installation, video, and print. He often employs architectural elements and techniques in his work, such as architectural images rendering techniques. 

His research and subject often involve the state of metropolis-dwellers, act of look (such as gaze and voyeurism) and the utopia-dystopia theme in contemporary urban context. Recently (from his second year of master degree), his works focus on ordinary urban dwellers’ incompetent and inconsequentiality, under the influence of power of architecture 

design - a power that he deems strong yet subtle, altering us in every second, changing who we are, or to say, participating in the forming of ourselves. 

While Voeed is interested in the manipulation from states and corporations through architecture design, his goal is not to seek for a freedom from it. Believing such freedom is non perishable and, sometimes, necessary, he only calls for the right to know it, as well as the existence and access of an archive, documenting the methods and their desired goal.  To him, freedom of knowing how our need and life is controlled by authorities is the prerequisite to, not to resist, but ultimately to yield and obey. 

Companion of Guild of St. George, UK


2017 - 2019 

Royal College of Art, Unite Kingdom

MA: Photography

2013 - 2017

University of Toronto, Canada

BA with Honour: Visual Study major & Architecture Design major

Group Exhibition:

The Still Life
2020, Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis MN, United States

Royal College of Art Degree Show
2019, Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom 

2019, Coningsby Gallery, London, United Kingdom 

John Ruskin Prize 2019: Agent of Change
2019, Holden Gallery, Manchester, United Kingdom 

Image can be
2018, Lumen Crypt Gallery, London, United Kingdom 

Thin Reality
2018, Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom 

The WIP Show
2017, Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom 

Hope, Fear and the Future
2017, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Subject: Post-
2017, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

The Nth Degree
2017, Foundry Art Center, St. Charles, United States

Summer Heat
2016, Neilson Park Creative Centre, Toronto, Canada

Urban Studio: Hong Kong
2015, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong, China

2015, Robarts Library, Toronto, Canada

2015, East Asian Library (Cheng Yu Tung), Toronto, Canada

The Eyeball
2014, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Award and nomination:

Lumen Prize 2020
2020, Shortlisted 

John Ruskin Prize 2019: Agent of Change
2019, Award Winner

7th Zebra Photography Award
2019, Finalist

Art Olympia 2019 International Open Art Competition
2019, Semi-Honourable Mention

Selected Experiences:

VO International Art Education, Tutor
2019 - current, China

Sphinx International Art Education, Tutor
2018 - 2020, China

URBANUS Architecture & Design, Assistant Architect Internship
2017, China

Assistant Curator, Art Exhibition [Subject: Post-]
2017, Canada

Lecturer, [Paint Nite] Workshop
2015, Canada

Lecturer, [Camera Exposure] Workshop
2015, Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, Canada

Curator, Series Art Exhibition [Blooming]
2015, Canada

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