Metapicture of me, Metapicture of a Generic City

Title: Metapicture of me, Metapicture of a Generic City

Date: 2024

Medium: Digital collage print on cotton rugwith rubber base.

Size: Wall piece: 180 cm*100 cm; Floorpiece: 180 cm*120 cm; Installation size variable.

Please touch, and step on the work.

Shenzhen is a not widely known city of technology. In 1995,'Generic City' inspired the architect Rem Koolhaas to depictthe ephemeral nature of contemporary urban life, including Shenzhen,through photography and essays in his book“S, M, L, XL”. This portrayal encompasses theintertwining of prosperity and decay, rebirth and disappearance, and thefleeting nature of seemingly unique historicalevents. At first glance, technology appears to foster growth in allthings, but is it ultimately a force for homogenization? M. Christine Boyer, inher 1996 book Cyber Cities, answers: yes.

That same year, Huanggang Villagewas established. It has since beendemolished. Over the course of 28 years, hastechnology continued to homogenize? Has it accelerated? In this village, which has not historically been endowed with political significance, artist conducted adocumentary scan before its demolition and transformed it into tactile printworks, his objective was to re-imprint itshistorical traces through the palms of viewers. Through the ingeniousinteraction of digital 3D scanning and digital coding—as Vilém Flussersuggested, a perfect method to change the world according to one's wishes—hestrives to shape a new way of imagining, serving as a metaphorical perspective.

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