Planar Story | 平面故事

A series of videoes telling stories of ordinary dwellers of a fantastic place. 

#Work in progress

The subject of architecture design, by its name, is designated to design the user’s utilization of it, in residential buildings, that signifies designing user’s living. Sometimes, the control of the architect can be inundating, for a variety of purposes, and this can transpire between one commissioned single architect and one individual commissioner, as well as between a state of ascendence and users who are in lower class and generally cannot afford the luxury of customized design. In the latter case, the authority’s influence on user’s living is more perdue and subtle than it of the former, as there is much less possibility, or even any at all, to negotiate about the architectural design on the architecture and on themselves.


Title: Planar Story: Chapter I  

Medium: Single channel video, 2 min 34 sec

Date: Dec 2018

Title: Planar Story: Chapter 4 

Medium: Single channel video, 3 min 6 sec

Date: Jan 2019

screen shots

chapter 1

chapter 4


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