Walk With Me (series)

In the relationship between one and his urban environment, how much freedom does an individual has in looking at what he wants to look, in being interested in what he considers worthy? As a contemporary flaneur, the act of walking is my monument of pursuing freedom of access and movement in metropolis against the subtle control and carefully designed disciplines by the states and corporations. It is quiet, meditatively, as the end of this route is not fierce revolution, but a philosophical suicide to terminate the struggle, to achieve a existentialism-like inner peace. 

Title: Walk with me 

Date: 2019

Medium: single channel video, 5 min 35 sec




Title: Walk with me (painting 1)

Date: 2020

Medium: oil on canvas

Size: 80 X 45 cm

Artist: Yao Jianbo, commissioned by Voeed Chao Wang

This work was a visual reconstruction based on a 3D scanned street view in London by Voeed Chao Wang. He later digitally rendered it into still image and video, with a touch of tradition aesthetic from ancient China. He selected a frame and commissioned Jianbo Yao to transfer it into oil painting, who is a technician in Dafen village (a gather place of masters of replica gathers in Shenzhen, China, where 60% of world's replica oil paintings were produced).

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